Basics of Metallurgy for Engineers

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June 30, 2020
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April 24, 2023

Basics of Metallurgy for Engineers

Having a proper appreciation of metallurgy is a must for the professionals working in the functional areas of proposals, engineering, supply chain management, production education, quality.

To understand significance and importance of metallurgy in process industry.

To evolve systematic properties for material selection based on metallurgy principles.

To Realize the importance of knowledge of metallurgy in fabrication, operation, maintenance and condition monitoring of plant and equipment.

Providing delegates with a practical understanding of the use of metals in engineering applications.

Understanding as to why metals are so important, what a metal is, the typical lifecycle of metals and providing an overview of the industry.

Gaining insight into the scientific principles of metallurgy and how to apply them to specify & process metals in and industrial context.

Explaining the properties of the metals, how they are tested, how metal products are made and where they are used.

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