Time to RE-THINK

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March 10, 2023

Time to RE-THINK

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the cost of quality education depended on Infrastructure, Paperback materials, Transportation, uniforms and teachers. These factors played a major role in deciding a good educational institute.

But do these really matter?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the perspective of Education as a whole. Do we really need Infrastructure, Paperback Materials, Uniforms or Transportation?

Is it possible to impart quality education online?

Well I believe it is possible. Using the right technology, one can run an entire institute online. The cost of building a software-based institution is very little when compared to building huge infrastructure.

Many times, we as an institute are able to reach and impart quality education to only those who are in a particular region. Shift to Online can help us reach individuals globally.

The big question is? How can we impart QUALITY education to our students? Where do we invest to make sure that are students receive uninterrupted education?

  1. Quality Teachers: This is the No. 1 thing to Invest In. For online education, we need trainers who are audible, interactive and patient. We need to make sure we invest in teacher’s who understand the importance of distance learning and are passionate about imparting knowledge
  2. Live Streaming: Invest in the best 3rd party live streaming application with animation and white board. This will help students gain classroom-like feel where they can interact and ask any question that arises
  3. Learning Management System: This system will make sure that students learn, we can share e-materials and also take quizzes and understand how much have the students learned
  4. Feedback: Feedback plays a huge role in imparting quality education. We want to make sure our students are happy with the type of education we impart and so taking continuous feedback can help us enhance our quality

Make sure to make this a win-win situation for both institutions as well as students. We as institutes are saving huge amounts by going online, its time, we provide affordable education to our students rather than creating a business out of it.

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